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Want to write, podcast, vlog or share your art on our site? We’re genuinely flattered. We publish heartfelt, authentic material from members of the Bipolar Club community, including:

  • stories (fiction, non-fiction, autobiographical)
  • artwork
  • poetry
  • book reviews
  • comedy
  • podcasts
  • vlogs
  • and pretty much anything else you care to create

Start by registering then drop Jon a DM briefly introducing yourself and explaining what you’d like to publish. Once your application has been approved, we’ll give you authoring super-powers. Thank you so much for your interest, lots of love, Bipolar Club x.

Author: Jon

After decades of denying and hiding his illness, Jon was diagnosed with Cyclothymia aged 36. Since then, Jon has worked hard to find more effective ways to manage his condition via a combination of medication, counselling and healthy living. Jon delayed seeking help - with near fatal consequence - because of fears about what a diagnosis might do to his career, having seen others dismissed when they were clearly exhibiting mental health issues. Jon hopes that others won't fall into this trap, and is passionate about seeking justice and raising awareness for fellow humans with mental health concerns.

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