Is This Mania ?

Picture of a woman with clouds projected onto her face

Breathing air that seemingly becomes so fresh Working endlessly on a project that determines my worth.
Going hours without eating Disappearing without a trace Reading theories about the fucking M&M characters!
I thought I was just happy.
Finally after months of being alive but not living.
I just thought I was better.
But not eating takes a toll, My body shaking as I try to hold off for just one more second.
If I eat the happiness leaves.
The energy…the frenzy just leaves.
I am in love to the very thing that destroys me.
I guess it’s mania.

2 thoughts on “Is This Mania ?

  1. Emily says:

    Oh my gosh, this is incredibly relatable. I feel seen and less alone. Thank you for posting! Diagnosed with Bipolar 1 twelve years ago now. It’s been a rocky ride.


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