My heart sings

Man lying on top of woman, holding her hand

My heart sings because of all the things we’ve done, my love.

My heart sings because of all the things we’re doing in this moment, my love.

My heart sings because of all the things we’re going to do, my love.

Author: Jon

After decades of ignoring his illness which began in childhood, Jon was diagnosed with a mood disorder aged 36. Since then, Jon has worked hard to find more effective ways to manage his condition via a combination of medication, counselling and healthy living. Jon acknowledges that he failed to seek help sooner (with near fatal consequence) because of fears about what a diagnosis might do to his career – having seen others dismissed when they were clearly exhibiting mental health issues. Jon is passionate about seeking justice for fellow humans with mental health concerns.

3 thoughts on “My heart sings

  1. 6yearsgone says:

    i 💜 the sentiment & idea behind this short & descriptive poem. it echos all that we want and desire.

  2. numaticsoul says:

    I agree with the comment above. It’s sad society pressures us and we forget or are afraid to be human. Beautiful poem and thanks for sharing your story, Jon. ♥️

  3. Rowan H. says:

    This reminds me very much of Sweeney Todd (but as a theatre nerd, I mean that in a really great way.)

    I’m excited to see where we can take this, friend. <3


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